650 Primitive Kastruelka
Primitive Kastruelka Download Free!

Primitive Kastruelka

Primitive Kastruelka is a platformer with simple graphics but a very deep plot. Various obstacles, enemies and bosses await you on the way. Difficult levels along with simple graphics make the game process very interesting and catchy.
651 Arctic Cave
Arctic Cave Download Free!

Arctic Cave

Unusual adventure in the arctic caves. Jump on the platforms, collect blue crystals, do not die and get out of the cold and snowy caves. The Arctic caves are a bright and hardcore pixel platformer with 8 bit music and complex levels. Click the mouse and make the jump. The hero always runs. Do not die. Collect all the crystals on the level to go to another.
652 Astral
Astral Download Free!


The future came. You'd think that means the apex of the progress and science, but no. After the epidemic spread all over the world in 2022, 95% of the whole population mutated into horrible creatures without any moral values or humanity and started hunting everything that moves. The planet became empty.
653 Monsters Anomaly
Monsters Anomaly Download Free!

Monsters Anomaly

Monsters & Anomaly is a fun platformer with beautiful design and dynamic music. You are a cheerful and cheerful monster who faces inexplicable anomalies in the world which cause change of gravitation and black holes. Embark on a long and dangerous journey full of puzzles, traps and Your favorite gold coins. You can either get rich by the end either...Your adventure will end in one of the anomalies. Onward to adventure!
654 Gaygarin In Deep Asspace
Gaygarin In Deep Asspace Download Free!

Gaygarin In Deep Asspace

Gaygarin: as In deep s pace - fun space platformer that follows the adventures of astronaut in deep.. space? Yes, exactly.


This time the fate of the villain brought a little green dragon Dino in the wild jungle! You will have to help the unlucky Dino to get out of there. Run on the grass, overcome the abyss, violate the laws of gravity, avoid monsters and collect berries. Soothing melody, pleasant scenery, joy when you beat your own record - all in this fun game that you can play with your friends lampovo. Adventures of green Dino are waiting for you!
656 Dark Burial
Dark Burial Download Free!

Dark Burial

The plot of the game tells us the story of the sentinel, who was reduced to the impending forces of darkness. Armed with just a crossbow guardian decides to preurediti their comrades with signaling lights.
657 Wizard Wizard
Wizard Wizard Download Free!

Wizard Wizard

A new, cool platformer in the style of pixel art is waiting for you. Help a beginning sorcerer master the basics. And to do this, he will have to go the hard way, where he will encountert enemies and traps. All hope is on you! Can you help?
658 Adventure Cop
Adventure Cop Download Free!

Adventure Cop

All prisoners escaped! You are one of the first policemen who found the escaped criminals, now your goal is to stop them and not to reach the civilian population, you have weapons in your hands, which you can change to other items found in the boxes, build traps, arrange mines, fences and much more, but be careful, all traps affect you, and every escaped prisoner will affect the next prisoner.
659 Fluffy
Fluffy Download Free!


Fluffy is a furry creature who is afraid of the rain, and so he needs to get home before it starts raining. He has a little friend who can't be let alone because he can get lost quickly. On the way to the house, there will be many obstacles and you will be able to seek shelter from the rain by bypassing them.
660 The Scarecrow
The Scarecrow Download Free!

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is a single-player platform game which includes elements of survival. The main character has to collect all of the items, advancing on moving and static platforms to get to the next level. You need to think through every step. Beware of hostile characters, and do not step on spikes while avoiding falling icicles. The essence of the game is to collect all the gifts on wach level, then you go to the next. Good luck!
661 D H Zombie Zone
D H Zombie Zone Download Free!

D H Zombie Zone

One day, one guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trying in the middle of the night to stroll by his favorite comic stall, he faced hordes of zombies. Will our hero survive until dawn? All in your hands! 2d shooter with a variety of enemies, weapons and bonuses.
662 Spacious
Spacious Download Free!


Spacious is a game that allows you to rest after a hard day's work. In this game you have to mine crystals while evading alien creatures. To escape and fly away from this terrible planet, you need to lock up your spacecraft with the crystals. This game is notable for its beautiful PIXEL-ART graphics that will give your eyes a break. Beautiful sound effects are also a nice feature.
663 80s Style
80s Style Download Free!

80s Style

The 80s are back! Before the first video game consoles and computers appeared, children all over the world spent hours or even days playing arcade games, spending all of their pocket change and then some. Therefore, for those who are nostalgic for those times, we created this game. Your character is a pixel man. You need to pass him through the maze to the finish line to go to the next level. But in the maze on the floor there are traps of different colors, and if you touch one its back to the beginning of the level. In order to bypass the traps, you need to collect cubes of the same colors as the traps. The cube paints your character in its color and you can safely pass through the trap of the same color. But on some levels, the color can automatically change over time, so be careful. There are tips for even easier passage of the game at each level. Enjoy the game!
664 Renbor
Renbor Download Free!


Renbor is a post-apolitical platformer in which you have to pass through the abandoned city. There will be enemies who try to destroy you along the way. Look for medicines on earth, as they will help you regain health. Ready? Then press on!
665 Owen To Have Fun
Owen To Have Fun Download Free!

Owen To Have Fun

Dive into the game, Owen and have some fun! This game is a challenging and fun with lots of traps and puzzles. You will have to take your time to go through this game. Owen loves challenges, so help him accomplish all of the achievements!
666 Platfoball 2
Platfoball 2 Download Free!

Platfoball 2

Take control of the ball in your hands and try to complete all of the levels in this platformer game. This time the levels will not be presented right in front of you, as in the previous version. But now the game has physics, thus becoming much more difficult! Jump on shaky boards and don't drown!
667 D H Trouble Guy
D H Trouble Guy Download Free!

D H Trouble Guy

Have you ever seen the impudent little men? Never? The hero of our game saw and despised them, as these small pests became the reason he went crazy and took up arms. But apparently, the dwarfs are not the only pests he will have to deal with. Can you resist the forces of evil, and collect the little gnomes?
668 Castle Rencounter
Castle Rencounter Download Free!

Castle Rencounter

Who thought to put the fortresses so close to each other? Now we have no choice. We'll have to destroy the enemy outpost! What? These insolent men decided to defend themselves and forge an army? How and why? Is their army on the offensive? Nonsense! Well, as it is, go ahead, my Lord. Break the enemies and destroy their stronghold. the Motherland will remember you and the King will reward you for victory!
669 Ochkarik
Ochkarik Download Free!


Ochkarik is a single player platform game which includes elements of survival. The main character will collect all of the coins, progressing on moving and static platforms. To pass to the next level, you need to find the key. Think over each step carefully. Beware of hostile characters such as wasps, mushrooms, etc., and do not step on the spikes!
670 OTA
OTA Download Free!


The guardian of order taking an anonymous call learns that in one of the abandoned buildings settled gang. Arriving at the place he meets an armed resistance. The task is to pass 20 rooms of the building, clearing it to the last enemy. To eliminate enemies, the hero has 3 types of weapons with unique properties and scatter. OTA-is a 2D platformer with shooter elements.
671 V Nekotorom Tsarstve
V Nekotorom Tsarstve Download Free!

V Nekotorom Tsarstve

For the most ardent fans of platformers, we present the game "V nekotorom tsarstve". Your character - a monster unprecedented, which will go there, I do not know where and find something I do not know what. Character management develops coordination and reaction, as you need to move from platform to platform, it does not fall into the abyss and do not fall into the clutches of other monsters hostile. This game can be useful not only for adults but also for children.
672 Dino Dawn
Dino Dawn Download Free!

Dino Dawn

Dino Dawn is a platformer game about adventure of the Dinosaur in which it needs to rescue eggs.
673 Jungle Journey
Jungle Journey Download Free!

Jungle Journey

Jungle Jorney-platformer with pleasant music. The main character must find the key at each level to open the door to the next level. At the same time you have to avoid contact with spikes and enemies that you will meet on the way. Pleasant atmosphere and ease of gameplay is aimed at players of a very young age, and will brighten up the game a couple of evenings for a nice game.
674 Cyber Fight
Cyber Fight Download Free!

Cyber Fight

Cyber Fight is an old-school pixel platformer with pleasant electronic music, made in the style of urban steampunk. In order to get to the next level you need to destroy all enemies. Be careful, a direct collision with them will take your life. To destroy the enemies, you just need to jump on their heads. Simplicity of gameplay and control (WAD) will appeal to players of a very young age.
675 Bunny Hop
Bunny Hop Download Free!

Bunny Hop

A simple platformer about a rabbit who needs to collect carrots to go to the next level. Be sure to find all the carrots on the level! You can not miss any, otherwise the door will not open to the next level. And beware of spikes! Contact with them will take you one life, and you have only 3 of them, and when they run out, you have to start the level again.
676 FireLord Arena
FireLord Arena Download Free!

FireLord Arena

The game takes place in an arena where you take on the role of a fire mage. To win, you need to try different combinations of abilities. At each level you need to hold a certain number of waves to win. You will find many types of enemies against which you can use different combat skills. Your choice of skills impacts the style of play, your strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.
677 Fiery Catacombs
Fiery Catacombs Download Free!

Fiery Catacombs

About the game: An old map led the treasure hunter to a cave, which at first glance was ordinary.
678 Magnetized Knight
Magnetized Knight Download Free!

Magnetized Knight

Knight goes on a dangerous mission in which he must pass all the puzzles of an abandoned castleusing gravity.
679 Pixvault
Pixvault Download Free!


From generation to generation, after the death of the keeper, a new keeper was born on earth. The essence of the guardian is to protect the sharpened ancient evil in the crypt and prevent it from escaping from it even at the cost of its life. Overnight, the life of the guardian is changing, and his mundane worldly life collapses, as the time has come to give up your debt and protect the crypt from the oncoming forces of evil, which are eager to wake up a powerful being.
680 Kill Or Die
Kill Or Die Download Free!

Kill Or Die

Colorful pixel platformer shooter, in the style of survival among the zombies. Buy new weapons, put and improve barricades as well as buy turrets. And all this in order to survive in the new world surrounded by zombies, in the game "Kill Or Die", enjoy the game!
681 Jellyphant Escape
Jellyphant Escape Download Free!

Jellyphant Escape

Somewhere far in another galaxy there is a planet, covered with a thick layer of various jelly.
682 Peace Duke
Peace Duke Download Free!

Peace Duke

From the peace of the Prince stole the Princess! Fight the army of Koschei and save his beloved! Shoot and throw bombs at enemies. If it so happened that your hero was left without ammunition, then collect coins in order to spend them to buy the missing! There is no time to wait, go for adventures!
683 Expelled
Expelled Download Free!


Expelled - the adventure of a rabbit on dangerous planets, and all in order to use the only chance to get out of prison and return home to his wife and children. Will the rabbit solve all the problems and do not die with a single chance? Only by playing the game you will learn this.
684 Pippi Story
Pippi Story Download Free!

Pippi Story

On the far-out planet in a galaxy, there lived little citizens - Pippi. But time when their home was attacked by the angry and artful monster came.
685 Fighter Of Evil
Fighter Of Evil Download Free!

Fighter Of Evil

Near future. Emergency call to the service of fighters against evil spirits. Our hero responds the call and goes to the hotel where rules great evil, which enslaved entire staff. Ordinary clients were taken hostage as well.
686 Stone Flower
Stone Flower Download Free!

Stone Flower

Somewhere high in the mountains lived monks, who for centuries worshiped and protected the ancient artifact. Being in the hands of disinterested people, an artifact in the form of a stone flower gave all living things prosperity and peace. Many people wanted to take it for their own mercenary purposes, and one day it was possible to carry out the local bandit, who craved one, to sink the whole world of chaos and disasters. But, no one knew that as soon as the flower leaves the temple, it calls to the rescue of the last hope of the dying world of the ruthless Guardian of the ancient artifact, which should bring him back to his native places thus stopping the imminent catastrophe.
687 Debtor
Debtor Download Free!


There was a debtor in the world. Once he became very ill and he lost consciousness. While the ambulance was going to the hospital, he woke up in a strange place. In that strange place, one of the inmates explained that those who have unsuccessful assignments come here. Our hero's unfulfilled task was to collect all his debts.
688 Alien Planet Explorer
Alien Planet Explorer Download Free!

Alien Planet Explorer

You are a researcher of alien planets, and now you are on a very beautiful planet. Rational beings used to live here, but now only ruins are left from them. Interested in finding treasures and ancient artifacts, you go on a journey around the planet. But the planet does not really want to reveal its secrets. At every step danger awaits you. Kill the enemies and bypass the traps. Look for a way to the ancient temple of an alien planet.
689 Wt Boy
Wt Boy Download Free!

Wt Boy

Small cube WtBoy randomly found himself in a dungeon filled with traps. Help the kid to get out of here and return to her family :3
690 Abstract Thief
Abstract Thief Download Free!

Abstract Thief

You are a thief who steals paintings, and hides from guards and cameras while avoiding dangerous lasers. The game features 15 levels filled with puzzles, including some in space!
691 Water Fall
Water Fall Download Free!

Water Fall

A hellish drought hit the once thriving valley. The fields turned into deserts, and the rivers into ravines. Lonely travelers began to stumble upon thugs and madmen. Everything went completely to hell in a once beautiful place. Can a player survive in this small hell? And remember at all times that the robbers on the roads are not so terrible as an ordinary thirst which cannot be quenched...
692 Adventures Of Egorka
Adventures Of Egorka Download Free!

Adventures Of Egorka

Egorka is a student of a simple rural school, smoking butts and killing time. All he wants to do is buy a "Karpaty" motorcycle. Dual with bosses, dodge opponents, drink, smoke, and try to survive. Overpower 8 bosses through all 34 levels if you can! The Adventures of Egorka...
693 Just The Water Knight
Just The Water Knight Download Free!

Just The Water Knight

Just The Water Knight is an exciting roguish game. We're all familiar with the situation when playing a single character in an RPG game, when you get to the level where this character is useless. This game is designed to solve this problem, since you play immediately as 3 different characters! Try it yourself, playing as the heavyweight knight - Ice, for the secretive killer with a huge ax - Steam, and for the mage-wizard - Water. The game is quite hardcore and unusual, so try something new :)
694 Underwater Affect
Underwater Affect Download Free!

Underwater Affect

The protagonist, rosy-cheeked shameless in a seductively tight latex, puts out a distress signal and the man, clearly thinking with his dick, comes to the rescue.
And as soon as he crosses the threshold of the ominous underwater station, it becomes immediately clear that he is not loved here. In fact, nobody needs him.
And before he gets to... (spoiler: the game has a story).
However, you yourself will see everything, believe me...
Not this one, but next time for sure, the truth shall be revealed.
695 Rescue The Planet Velison
Rescue The Planet Velison Download Free!

Rescue The Planet Velison

About the game: In the open spaces of the universe, robots appeared that deplete the planets of their resources. Using their advanced technology, they pumped all the moisture from the planet, after which it becomes dead because it is impossible for life without water. Arriving on the next planet (Velison) robots started their work. Intelligent creatures live on this planet They are known as Vels, and they asked for protection from their friends the Earthlings. Jane flew out for the task of freeing the Velsics and destroying the devices that pump out moisture from the planets. You must collect energy charges, which can then paralyze the robots. In the upper right corner the tasks and how many tasks still need to be completed are displayed. When all the Velsics are saved, the robots of the sucker are destroyed, and the underwater equipment is destroyed, then the portal will open, which you need to enter.
696 Super Block
Super Block Download Free!

Super Block

Plunge into the beautiful pixel world while playing as the main character of the game SuperBlock. But remember that the levels are filled with danger! Bypass them using convenient WASD controls. Be careful, because the game is not as simple as it appears. Collect health bonuses at all levels, and advance through the game!
697 Night Magic
Night Magic Download Free!

Night Magic

Are you ready to tackle an eerie yet unknown mystery? Are you ready to abandon the world and plunge into the most complex puzzles? This is not a game where you immediately encounter monsters. You will have to find a way out of the terrible network of galleries and unravel the mystery of the entangled heroine of the game. Do not waste time over thinking things, as there are practically no wrong decisions and conservation is key! Everything depends only on you and your erudition. Plunged into the horror of the claustrophobic world, and realizing that there may not be an exit from it, you will soon understand ... but never give up!
698 Platform Steve
Platform Steve Download Free!

Platform Steve

A platform game where you need to go through levels and collect coins. With each level the game is more and more difficult. The graphics and unique gameplay will not let you get bored!
699 Sprin Going
Sprin Going Download Free!

Sprin Going

Plot: Spring in the form of a beautiful, modern girl gallops through the forest.
700 Microgen Shooting Star
Microgen Shooting Star Download Free!

Microgen Shooting Star

Microgen is a cosmic traveler. It travels using starlight energy and knows how to use secret artifacts.

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