200 Mercery
Mercery Download Free!


Mercery is an addicting platform game. You are in a mysterious dungeon full of evil monsters. You can meet thorns, saws, slugs, bats! Not everyone will survive this dungeon!
201 Ruster
Ruster Download Free!


Ruster is a game about a weirdo stuck in a forest. To complete the game, you have to get out of the forest with dangerous traps and slugs. Not everyone will go through this dangerous path and survive!
202 Maniac Path 2
Maniac Path 2 Download Free!

Maniac Path 2

Maniac Path 2-this is the continuation of a crazy game about a maniac who has to kill a lot of his victims. To the already existing Arsenal such as a knife, shotgun, machine gun, added a cutter and a rifle, which you will do your dirty deeds. Run, kill, run. Defeat the Bosses in order to avoid punishment! In a peaceful city where peace and serenity rule, a maniac escapes to freedom. You have to go through the path of a brutal killer who, driven by instinct, roams the streets in search of victims. You will be confronted by police armed not only with batons. Can you handle the dark mission? Your task changes frequently, but the main goals are to run away and kill!
203 Bit Adventure
Bit Adventure Download Free!

Bit Adventure

Bit adventure-created by indie Studio Lord Game LLC, and is a casual arcade game. The game boasts Multiplatforms, it works both in the browser and on all operating systems. There is both a single game, and a game with friends via the keyboard, or gamepads. Bit adventure is a multi-player, casual game that presents adventures in mountainous areas, and presents an interesting level design. Adventure and platformer lovers will love this game.
204 Tenshi Impossible Adventure
Tenshi Impossible Adventure Download Free!

Tenshi Impossible Adventure

Tenshi and His Impossible Adventure is a hardcore platformer. Dive into adventure with Tenshi. Use skills and complete levels that are beyond the realm of possibility. Many hard levels that will keep you entertained for hours!
205 Save Their Souls
Save Their Souls Download Free!

Save Their Souls

Save their Souls is a mixture of platforming and memory game. Players must be quick and memorize each level and then save the planet from the occupied apartment. Use the minimap to locate the stairs and move faster along them. Share with your partner in cooperative mode. The fate of these poor souls is in your hands !!
206 Bally 2
Bally 2 Download Free!

Bally 2

This game is a platformer. The player has the ability to jump. All you have to do is jump from one platform to another. Be careful, some platforms have enemies. Good luck and fun.
207 Ninjas Creed
Ninjas Creed Download Free!

Ninjas Creed

Description: You play as a ninja who woke up in an unfamiliar place. At every step Enemies, traps and parkour await you! Your goal is to get out of there! Will you be able to overcome this path full of dangers? Become a unique ninja and escape from the castle.
208 Cave Exploration
Cave Exploration Download Free!

Cave Exploration

You are the person who got into the cave. You need to get out. But for this you need to collect all the coins. Beware of monsters, you have grenades but they are not endless. Try to collect all the coins, good luck.
209 KeyPad ByeBye
KeyPad ByeBye Download Free!

KeyPad ByeBye

This is a 2D platformer shooter game. In this game you have to face dangerous enemies. But, not everything is as simple as it seems in the game, you have to die and die as the game is really hardcore. The game also has an excellent soundtrack, beautiful graphics and 2 maps. The game can be played both with a joystick and with a keyboard and mouse.
210 1000111 The Game
1000111 The Game Download Free!

1000111 The Game

Do you love hardcore platformers? If so, "1000111 the Game" is just for you! In each level you need to get to the finish line by collecting all the numbers and turning into a full-fledged binary code. And all this accompanied by dynamic music!
211 Santa In Search Of Toys
Santa In Search Of Toys Download Free!

Santa In Search Of Toys

Santa in search of toys - This is a nice 3D platformer with a side view. In it you will have to play as Santa and collect a variety of toys to then put them under the Christmas tree in the house! To complete a level, you need to collect a certain number of items, but this is not easy to do, because you will be hindered by obstacles.
212 Specter
Specter Download Free!


Specter is a small 2d action / platformer game, the main mechanic of which is the ability to throw and attach from wall to wall to escape from a prison well. You play as a young soul struggling to find a new life. On your way 1 you will meet many dangers, enemies, puzzles. You also have to defeat the Three Guardians (Bosses), so you have to sweat.
213 Dino Age Of Survive
Dino Age Of Survive Download Free!

Dino Age Of Survive

Dino Age Of Survive is an addicting arcade game with bright graphics and dynamic gameplay. You have to help the dinosaur survive, jump on platforms, climb stairs and collect bonuses. If the hero fails or is hit by a monster, you can restore health by picking up a red skull!
214 Prince Of Wallachia
Prince Of Wallachia Download Free!

Prince Of Wallachia

On June 12, 1444, Vlad the Impaler and his brother Radu the Handsome went to the Turkish court as a guarantee of keeping peace between Wallachia and the Ottoman Empire. The brothers made a plan to regain the throne of Wallachia and get rid of the Turks. Radu the Handsome secretly wished to rule himself and betrayed his brother Vlad the Impaler, told everything about the plan to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empires. The Sultan, in a rage, threw Vlad the Impaler in prison for the rest of his life. Help Vlad the Impaler to escape from the prison, return the throne and become the Prince of Wallachia
215 Dark Mass
Dark Mass Download Free!

Dark Mass

Dark Mass is a fun and dark platformer at the same time. The game is minimalistic and simple! Anyone can figure it out. The main character was an ordinary person, but suddenly everything changed. He became flat and did not look like himself. He looked more like a Dark Mass. You have to go through the tests and travel with him.
216 Trough The Labs
Trough The Labs Download Free!

Trough The Labs

Who are you? Where are you? You need to run through the lab.
217 Try Win
Try Win Download Free!

Try Win

A challenging platformer for people looking for challenges. You should go through 10 levels, trying not to die hundreds of times on each. You are an unremarkable character in this cruel world. You have no history, no family. You are you. Your only gonna to win. TryWin.
218 PLAYER Adventure
PLAYER Adventure Download Free!

PLAYER Adventure

Logging into a game is one thing. How about going through it? The game has many secrets, enemies and surprises! Reference: You can pass through the glass (only I did not tell you about it) !!! Arrow control! Use / Open on SPACE! Good game!
219 Jumps
Jumps Download Free!


This game is a platformer. The player has the ability to jump. All you have to do is jump from one platform to another. Be careful, some platforms have enemies. Good luck and fun.
220 Neon World Labyrinth
Neon World Labyrinth Download Free!

Neon World Labyrinth

Neon World Labyrinth is a fast-paced platformer with beautiful graphics and addicting gameplay. Find a way out of twisted neon mazes, collect keys and bonuses. Stylish graphics and high-quality music will impress fans of platformers!
221 Sad Ball Adventure 2
Sad Ball Adventure 2 Download Free!

Sad Ball Adventure 2

This is a classic platformer game with the character of my game, which is also present here - Sad Ball, the ball must pass tests in order to pass the tests: D. That's all, good luck with you. And also this is my 2nd part of the game so there are new levels in it.
222 Sir Christopher
Sir Christopher Download Free!

Sir Christopher

You have to play as Young Christopher and help him deliver a piece of cake to Aunt Klava. I wonder what can go wrong and what you will meet on your way?
223 Gravity Mummy
Gravity Mummy Download Free!

Gravity Mummy

One of the old pyramids was looted. Time to Wake up for the vigilant guardian in the form of a mummy, which has only one goal - to return all the treasures back and punish everyone in its path, including its assistants who allowed this incident. Gravity mummy a platformer puzzle game in which we act as a mummy on the shoulders of which lay not easy tests. To overcome the challenges, our podboechny have super abilities with which he can move heavy boxes, jump on the heads of bloodthirsty enemies, and move around the ceiling.
224 Guns Boy
Guns Boy Download Free!

Guns Boy

If you like action games, then you will definitely like this game. You have to fight with very strong opponents. AI will not let you get bored! Enemies are actively moving and pursuing you. There are several types of bots - they have different weapons but all of them are trying to kill you. You can use such weapons as: pistols, Uzi, M4, AK. Use your intelligence and agility to beat all arenas!
225 Sad Ball Adventure
Sad Ball Adventure Download Free!

Sad Ball Adventure

This is a classic platformer game with a character from my game that is also present here - Sad Ball, the ball must pass tests in order to pass the tests: D. That's all, good luck to you pass P.S The game was made on a new engine.
226 Stick Hard Challenge
Stick Hard Challenge Download Free!

Stick Hard Challenge

Stick - this game will make you nervous! Its peculiarity is the atmosphere of the gameplay and cool graphics, and the difficulty is simply amazing. More levels, more difficulty.
227 Super Ball Platformer
Super Ball Platformer Download Free!

Super Ball Platformer

SuperBall Platform-a Dynamic, exciting 2D game created by an indie developer, in the game you will find a lot of game mechanics, such as jumping, moving, squats, and collecting coins for points. Can you complete the entire game?
228 Apple Platform
Apple Platform Download Free!

Apple Platform

This is a simple platformer. In this game you need to complete a level avoiding all obstacles. There are also crystals scattered across the map - find them all!
229 Chibits
Chibits Download Free!


It has been 10 years since the poisonous miasma covered the planet, forcing the last remaining humans to flee into space. The newly activated Chibit wakes up in a junkyard. What will he find in the neighboring plant and beyond?
230 Violet
Violet Download Free!


Violet.exe - A platformer that consists of unusual game pieces. You are stuck between 6 dimensions. Try to pass if possible ...
231 Valoland
Valoland Download Free!


In this game there is only one goal - to reach the chest!
232 Fear Pimpkin
Fear Pimpkin Download Free!

Fear Pimpkin

This is a simple platformer. In this game you need to complete a level avoiding all obstacles. There are also crystals scattered across the map - find them all!
233 HARD
HARD Download Free!


Hard game: about a Man with a bow, he got scared and accidentally fell into the monster's dungeon. Gameplay: unique in its kind, very difficult game, you are in a dungeon with monsters, you need to get out of this pit. if you beat the game, you will be Handsome. if the game is too tough for you then Play and die, so the experience goes with Time, so if you like Complex games, this game is for you.
234 Alien Cat 8
Alien Cat 8 Download Free!

Alien Cat 8

Arriving on one of the planets, the brave cat is faced with a very interesting gravity, which allows you to climb vertical walls and overcome the abyss on the ceiling, but everything is not as simple as it seems in reality. Alien cat 8-is a side-view platformer with an exciting and exciting gameplay. You will have to climb the ceilings, climb the walls and collect the cherished coins that will lie in the most secluded corners of the room. The most difficult tasks, scattered mines on the levels will not make you bored, and unexpectedly developing stakes will test your nerves. After all the coins are collected, the portal will open in front of you and where it will open will remain a mystery to you.
235 Neon Light
Neon Light Download Free!

Neon Light

You have to play as a little boy who happened to be on an unknown and forgotten planet and now you need to do everything to leave it. Solve a lot of interesting puzzles, interact with the magic world, and help local residents. This is all and much more is waiting for you in Neon light!
236 Resurrection
Resurrection Download Free!


With only a sword and reliable armor, you must navigate a dangerous, cruel and eerie landscape filled with secrets. On your way, you will encounter many enemies that will interfere with your path.
237 Terrible Mine
Terrible Mine Download Free!

Terrible Mine

When you enter this game, you will be able to dive into the world of an abandoned mine, where you will find many adventures. The game is full of animations and sound effects that will take You to that atmosphere. Playing it you can feel like a real traveler.Your goal is to pass all the tests and reach the end.Good luck!
238 Poop Platform
Poop Platform Download Free!

Poop Platform

This is a simple platformer. In this game you need to complete a level avoiding all obstacles. Crystals are also scattered on the map. Find them all!
239 Rise Of The Machines
Rise Of The Machines Download Free!

Rise Of The Machines

You are the last one standing. The robots want to kill you. To survive you need to endure 20 waves. It will be more and more difficult with the wave, but you will be given each new weapon.
240 KIN
KIN Download Free!


The world has suffered from fallout that has forced humanity to take to the skies. Living aboard makeshift flying cities has made humans reliant on scrap: parts of machinery that are consistently recycled to repair necessary systems such as engines, weapons, and air filtration systems. However it is occasionally necessary to build something new, especially amidst desperate circumstances. K.I.N. is the story of a newly built robot aboard the airship New Dawn, and things arent clearly as they should be. Venture through the recesses of New Dawn on a journey in discovering purpose and self identity.
241 Spring Man
Spring Man Download Free!

Spring Man

Click Drag & Release to direct the rebound of the spring. The longer the resistance, the more powerful the rebound.
242 Forest Adventures Of A Magician
Forest Adventures Of A Magician Download Free!

Forest Adventures Of A Magician

forest adventures of a Magician - You came to the forest for only one reason, to destroy their leader. Your character only has 1 weapon. You need to go through his novices and not die. Be careful. Thank you for downloading and have a nice game.
243 Grav Box
Grav Box Download Free!

Grav Box

Infinite, Dynamic 2D gravity platformer views from the side, which constantly increases the speed of traps, which forces you to use your reaction to get more life time.
244 Slime Parkour
Slime Parkour Download Free!

Slime Parkour

A game about a slug who wants to rise to space, you have to overcome difficult obstacles!
245 Adventures In The Forest
Adventures In The Forest Download Free!

Adventures In The Forest

AdventuresInTheForest is an exciting platform game that takes place in the forest, you have to go through a long and difficult path teeming with different monsters and traps, not everyone can do it ...
246 Beige Adventures
Beige Adventures Download Free!

Beige Adventures

Beige Adventures is an exciting platform game in which you have to overcome many difficulties to get out of the shackles of a dark maze, and not everyone can do it ...
247 Acacia
Acacia Download Free!


Acacia is a game about a forester in a forest. But this forest is not easy! It is home to many dangerous slugs, traps, saws, thorns! Not everyone will get out of this forest filled with traps!
248 Forest Traps
Forest Traps Download Free!

Forest Traps

In the game Forest Traps, you have to travel through a mysterious forest and unravel its terrible secret. You will be hindered by various traps and dangerous poisonous slugs that want to kill you! Not everyone will be able to solve the mystery of the forest and get out alive!
249 Frister
Frister Download Free!


Frister is an addicting platform game. You have to travel through dangerous terrain and explore it. Dangerous traps, various poisonous slugs, saws will hinder you! Not everyone can survive!
250 Oranger
Oranger Download Free!


Oranger is an addicting platform game. You have to survive in a mysterious dungeon with different types of traps. Not everyone can survive!

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