450 Gelu
Gelu Download Free!


2D Pixel platformer about a cute character named Gelu. He can create and destroy his copies made of ice, limited number of times. With the help of ice copies he can climb on platform, pass the obstacles and pass the levels. Help Gelu to pass hard levels
451 Escape From Hell
Escape From Hell Download Free!

Escape From Hell

You have to get out of the dungeons of hell, you have to find 5 crystals and reach the door, but not so easy, on your way will be waiting for evil demons. You can go to the break or just go around them, the choice is yours!
452 Slime Jump
Slime Jump Download Free!

Slime Jump

Jump over obstacles with the space bar and arrows to reach the finish line.
453 Pfoenix
Pfoenix Download Free!


Phoenix is a rather complicated game where you have to smoke, dodge sharp spikes, avoid various dangers, hills. You can search for various secrets! All this in the game Phoenix!
454 Fight Adventures
Fight Adventures Download Free!

Fight Adventures

Fight Adventures - a game where you have to run, jump, dodge dangers. You are pursued by insidious slugs, you need to dodge the spikes that may appear at the most unexpected moment.
455 G Penguin
G Penguin Download Free!

G Penguin

G-Penguin is a gravity switching platformer. With gravity, you need to get to the finish line. You must not touch the spikes and enemies.
456 The Evil Party
The Evil Party Download Free!

The Evil Party

The Evil Party is a very difficult platforming game, you play a ninja, and you have to go through many levels to get to the party . But it will be very difficult to do this, the game does not forgive mistakes, the player dies with one blow and starts the level first . The game has secret rooms, bosses, large and complex levels, good music and an adventure atmosphere
457 Tiny Hero Adventure
Tiny Hero Adventure Download Free!

Tiny Hero Adventure

The world of this game contains well-developed levels, various enemies, super-bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music, as well as sounds. You should pass the levels for which you have only 3 lives. After the end of 3 lives, you die completely.
458 Greeny Man
Greeny Man Download Free!

Greeny Man

Help the little green man overcome the difficulties on his way and get to the flag in the GreenyMan 2D platformer game.
459 Freezeer
Freezeer Download Free!


"Freezeer" is a love story puzzle platformer. The main character "Freezeer" turns everything into ice. He can not kiss his girlfriend when he is blue. Because the girl will turn into ice. Stand on the red block and melt yourself to become normal. When the main character of yellow color he can kiss girlfriend.
460 Adventure Game 2
Adventure Game 2 Download Free!

Adventure Game 2

Can you complete the game to the end and fight the main boss? Run and jump through the deep jungle, avoid enemies. Run and jump in the thick jungle, avoid traps. Destroy all enemies in your path. Hurry to open a secret passage hidden in the depths of the jungle!
461 Getem Gary
Getem Gary Download Free!

Getem Gary

The neighborhood ruffian has gone on a rampage and started destroying the buildings in Westspring Manor. Equipped with the Mystical Squeegee of Maintenance, Gary is the only one who can repair the carnage caused by Rusty. Can you save the buildings of Westspring Manor before time runs out? Inspired by Donkey Kong, Wrecking Crew, and Fix-It Felix Jr., Get'em Gary brings the classic arcade action feel to your PC!
BOOMB IT Download Free!


BOOMBIT is a platform game in which it is made in the style of 8 bits. In this game, 4 levels - the first is the easiest, and the last fourth is the most difficult. This game will definitely make you angry!
463 Mirror Adventures
Mirror Adventures Download Free!

Mirror Adventures

Mirror Adventures - an exciting game in the genre of platformer, where you have to look for a mirror. Mirror - teleport to the next level. You need to complete all levels. Run, jump, search, dodge - all this in the game Mirror Adventures!
464 Second Speed
Second Speed Download Free!

Second Speed

In a world full of pain and despair, its really good luck to see the light. Fortunately, there are many obstacles in the way that will not allow you to get there. The main ones are severity and disorientation. SecondSpeed is a single-player 3D platformer. Run, jump from the walls, fall, slide - do what you want!
465 Epic Mayhem
Epic Mayhem Download Free!

Epic Mayhem

Epic Mayhem is a platform game with single player and local multiplayer modes. Campaign mode allows players to control two characters simultaneously while passing obstacle courses and other modes. In multiplayer modes, players either work together, either in teams, or have a free game for everyone in which each player tries to get ahead of the others. In Avoidance mode, players must avoid all death balls on stage and the last person standing on their feet wins. The player with the most points at the end of the rounds wins. Run Race, the player must race at the same time in order to reach the end, while avoiding obstacles.
466 Danger Adventures
Danger Adventures Download Free!

Danger Adventures

Danger Adventures is an extremely addictive platform game. You have to dodge sharp spikes and insidious slugs! Run, jump, look for secrets, run away from slugs, dodge spikes - all this in the game Danger Adventures!
467 Japan Adventures
Japan Adventures Download Free!

Japan Adventures

Japan Adventures is a fun platformer game. You have to go on an exciting journey through the Japanese forests! Dodge Japanese slugs, spikes, bats! Run, jump, look for secrets - all this in the game Japan Advnetures!
468 Portal Adventures
Portal Adventures Download Free!

Portal Adventures

Portal Adventures - an exciting game in the genre of platformer, where you have to find a portal at each level. Look for portals - thereby get to the next levels! Run, jump, look for secrets, dodge - All this in the game Portal Adventures!
469 Forest Adventures
Forest Adventures Download Free!

Forest Adventures

Forest Adventures - an exciting game in the genre of platformer. The game is full of secrets! Run, jump, dodge, look for secrets - all this in the game Forest Adventures!
470 Escape At The Prison
Escape At The Prison Download Free!

Escape At The Prison

Escape At The Prison is an exciting game. You are a prisoner of prison No. 54, you have to escape from it. Run, jump, dodge the guards, dodge drones, look for secrets - all this in the game Escape At The Prison!
471 Forest Camp
Forest Camp Download Free!

Forest Camp

Forest Camp is an exciting game. You got lost in the forest, and you need to find a way out, evil monsters roam around you, there are dangerous traps. Run, jump, dodge, look for secrets - all this in the game Forest Camp.
472 Swamp Adventures
Swamp Adventures Download Free!

Swamp Adventures

Swamp Adventures - An exciting game in the genre of platformer. You have to go through all the levels, with each completed game it will become more and more difficult. Not everyone can go through all the levels. Run, jump, dodge, look for secrets - all this in the game Swamp Adventures.
473 Space Adventures
Space Adventures Download Free!

Space Adventures

Space Adventures is a fun game. You have to jump on meteorite platforms, dodge aliens, spikes, look for secrets. Enjoy music, jump, feel gravity, run, dodge - all this in the game Space Adventures.
474 Easy Platform
Easy Platform Download Free!

Easy Platform

In this game you will play for a small console, and you will have to overcome all the difficulties that will stand in your way. The game has a dynamic and action-Packed gameplay. So you will not get bored!
475 Adventures Of Slime
Adventures Of Slime Download Free!

Adventures Of Slime

Adventures Of Slime - an exciting game in the genre of platformer. You need to go through all the levels. With each level passed, the game will become more difficult. Run, run, jump, look for secrets - all this in the game Adventures of slime!
476 Pigbomb
Pigbomb Download Free!


You play as a very active pig! She can jump and run. The pig got lost in the swamp, and she needs to survive. Jump on the ground and dodge obstacles. The game has 5 levels of varying difficulty. Management of arrows.
477 Danger Dangeon
Danger Dangeon Download Free!

Danger Dangeon

You are a knight who suddenly finds himself in a deep dungeon, which must necessarily get out of there. On your way evil skeletons and dangerous traps. But you dont give up, right? Upgrade your knight along the way and conquer Dangerous Dungeons!
478 Single Sandbox
Single Sandbox Download Free!

Single Sandbox

In the game you have 21 objects to build your buildings. You have nothing and who does not limit your creativity, only your imagination! If you like to build something of your own, and you love minecraft, or terraria, then you should definitely play Single Sandbox! Because they are similar gameplay. Control: WASD-move, ESC-exit, left mouse button-delete the object, right mouse button-put the object. To select the object you need, you will need the "E" button. Also, the game has two languages: Russian and English. In this game you play as a robot that was sent to an unknown planet, and you have to help him build everything he needs.
479 Morcov Game
Morcov Game Download Free!

Morcov Game

An ordinary farmer named Roma sucked into the portal. He understood nothing scary and he wants to go home. A tribe of Indians awaits him at home. But it's not so simple that to get it he has to jump on platforms floating in the air. They are very insidious, but he knows the maneuver that he was trained in the tribe. If you jump forward, and the note turns back, you get braking and it does not fly over the platform. Also along the way, he collects carrots so as not to leave his tribe without food. Good luck !!!
480 Farm
Farm Download Free!


Our farmers are picking fruit, you have some time. Don't miss a single farmer. Good luck!
481 Froggy BOI
Froggy BOI Download Free!

Froggy BOI

Froggy BOI is a game about an ordinary schoolboy who was going home from school, in a backpack he had only pens, pencils and textbooks. He decided to shorten the path and go home through the forest, but accidentally turned the wrong way and got into a magical swamp, sharply opened the portal and it began to go a whole army of killer frogs, who were ready to tear his body! But he found a solution, he began to throw at them with his bad grades, the benefit of them he had a lot.
482 Cold Wires
Cold Wires Download Free!

Cold Wires

Where this world is heading is no longer a question. The year 2045 with a rebellious machine with artificial intelligence, steel claws and firm confidence in every step goes on the hunt! You control this most deadly fighting machine, in which you have to destroy all the enemies who were in your zone of destruction. Cold wires-is a 2D arcade with a side view, the essence of which is to clean up the playing field and charge with the battery.
483 Bullet
Bullet Download Free!


Bullet - This is a hardcore platformer challenging you. You have the fate to control the flight path of a sniper rifle bullet. There is no plot and HD graphics - only addictive gameplay.
484 Survive The Winter 2D
Survive The Winter 2D Download Free!

Survive The Winter 2D

Survive The Winter 2D - Basic 2D platformer with its interesting idea. In this game, the main task is not to die from the cold, the gameplay cant be simple, it may seem initially, but with each level its becoming more and more difficult, notes of Hardcore Platformer with parkour elements are added to the game, that is, you need to try to get to the precious fuel and Do not forget about the way back, in order to light a fire and restore the temperature indicator. Storyline - The main character (Rich), after a tornado, was taken far from the house, so as not to die from the cold, the main character decides to open a fire, and then move to the side of the house collecting sticks and kindling a fire in order to warm up and go again to the path where he will meet various obstacles.
CRUSH Download Free!


CRUSH is a vertical platformer made in retro style. There is no plot and HD graphics - only a fascinating parkour.
486 Danger Dungeon
Danger Dungeon Download Free!

Danger Dungeon

Danger Dungeon - An exciting game in the genre of platformer. You are imprisoned in a terrible dark dungeon, you have to get out of it. Go through exciting levels, jump, run, look for secrets - all this is about the game Danger Dungeon!
487 Raccoon The Orc Invasion
Raccoon The Orc Invasion Download Free!

Raccoon The Orc Invasion

Racoon lives in a forest with his friends. He had a happy and a joyful life, until in the mountains appeared a portal. From the portal came out some strange creatures he never saw before. They are orcs. Your mission is to protect the forest and your friends from invaders. Join this platformer game with a lot of levels, forest and mountains. Every level it's unique with it's sounds wich corespond to the landscape. An adventure waits fot you with a lot of fun and emotions. Don't forget only you can win the orcs and close the portal.
488 Code 103
Code 103 Download Free!

Code 103

Code 103 is a platformer game that plunges you into the world of technology and hardcore. ... You are on an alien spaceship that is preparing to take over the Earth. And in order to fulfill their plans, they launched the production of perfect androids specifically designed for this purpose. You are one of those robots, and your name is R103. But to test your skills properly, the alien race decided to put you in a simulation. Can you go through it and put an end to human civilization, along with your brothers?
489 Pyro 2
Pyro 2 Download Free!

Pyro 2

Pyro. You remember him. But I'll remind you. He is a wanderer and travels the world. But pirates do not give rest. He has to run from them. Who knows what will happen next.
490 Fast Hipster Shooter
Fast Hipster Shooter Download Free!

Fast Hipster Shooter

A strange project with a strange character and strange customization: not clothes or any accessories, but tattoos... better, pixel tattoos! Arm yourself with a gun and go to the catacombs to shoot aggressive gray squares(but this is only the beginning), defeat bosses, fill the honor Board with trophies and score coins or spend them on new guns and tattoos!
491 Jumper H
Jumper H Download Free!

Jumper H

JumperH is a classic platformer made in pixel power. There is nothing superfluous in this game - just enjoy this fascinating parkour.
492 PIDO1
PIDO1 Download Free!


PIDO1 is a platformer in which you have to solve logic problems for successfully passing levels. You have to play for PIDO1, which turned out to be in an unknown room without memory and awareness of what is happening. To get out you have to solve logic puzzles with mirrors, go through difficult levels and fight with unknown creatures in order to collect all the energy and get out.
493 Sky Adventure
Sky Adventure Download Free!

Sky Adventure

Sky's Adventure is the most common game in the genre of platformer, it has a story that will be opened in the second better part, it is a personal attempt to do something, I hope the game is at least liked by someone, and it will not be easy) Story: Boy , whose name is Eric, lived an ordinary life, in a very ordinary village, but one day a tornado came to the village, and Eric landed in it, but no, he did not die, but ended up on the mysterious heavenly islands, where he will have to find a way to return back ...
494 FACE
FACE Download Free!


FACE - a platformer in which you will play for the character of the same name. Together with him you will have to explore unknown islands in search of coins and treasure chests, overcoming the difficulties encountered on your way. The goal of the game is to collect all the coins and treasure chests scattered on different islands. You will have to explore the intricate system of levels at which you will encounter a variety of traps and difficult terrain. During the game, the hero can both prompt and interfere with the achievement of the goal with his remarks.
495 The Thirst Of Hearts
The Thirst Of Hearts Download Free!

The Thirst Of Hearts

The Thirst of Hearts - 2D platformer in which you have to play for the little sad Poio, who wants to collect as many hearts as possible. Your main task is to help Poio in this and collect all the hearts at each level for Poio, and unusual physics, various traps and difficulty levels that will catch you from the very beginning of the game will interfere with this. You can complete each level in several ways, which differ in complexity and the number of hearts that you can collect by going along the chosen route. You do not have to collect all the hearts to complete the level, but it is necessary to complete the entire game.
496 Maniac Path
Maniac Path Download Free!

Maniac Path

In a peaceful city ruled by peace and serenity, escapes to freedom maniac. You have to go the way of a brutal killer who is driven by instinct wanders the streets in search of victims. You will confront the police armed not only with batons. Will you cope with the dark mission? Your task changes often, but the main goal is to kill!
497 Pyro
Pyro Download Free!


Cool game in the style of pixels. The main character's name is Pyro. He's a traveler. Wanders the world. And then he came to the island of pirates. Can he get out of there. Download and watch.
498 Blend
Blend Download Free!


This is a platformer. In this game you have to collect all the money on the map. In order to collect all the money you will have to overcome obstacles such as enemies and bombs that fall every second of the sky. Try to collect all the pennies in as little time as possible. Good luck at your game.
499 Cookie Hunter
Cookie Hunter Download Free!

Cookie Hunter

You're the best cookie hunter. At first it seemed like an average day, but it couldn't be far from the truth. You have to go through different traps to get the cookie. The game has smooth controls and animations. Get the cookie and prove that you are the best hunter in the world.
500 Bunny And Piggy
Bunny And Piggy Download Free!

Bunny And Piggy

Bunny & Piggy is a cute platformer where you play as a rabbit and a pig. You have to go through many simple and quite difficult levels to collect as many supplies as possible before the cold winter.

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